Full Colour Plastic Business Cards


Great value for premium Real Estate plastic business cards.


Our custom designed Plastic Business Cards are a powerful marketing tool that allows you to stand out from the crowd. With the look and feel of a Credit Card, these plastic real estate business cards are one of the few people like to keep and have a difficult time discarding them, a fate all to common for standard business cards.  These plastic business cards will change the way you think about your business and help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

Unlike many other mass produced business cards, our full colour plastic business cards are durable, Really durable. We protect the custom designed artwork with 2 thick sheets of crystal clear PVC. This protects the card against wear and tear and allows us to offer a choice of a glossy or matte surface texture as well as three different thicknesses. Full colour artwork is printed on both sides of the plastic cards offer a host of custom options such as hot laser graphics, UV effect, gold/silver stamping, custom die cuts, hole punch, transparent background, and more..

Plastic Business Cards for Real Estate

plastic business cards

Durability Built In

Protected with PVC coating, these cards offer unparalleled durability.  Real estate business cards accumulate a lot of wear and tear which is why most of them end up in the trash.  Our plastic business cards can stand the test of time and ensure your clients keep them for a longer period of time.


30 mil Thicknesses

Increasing the density of the crystal clear PVC sheets allows us to produce real estate plastic cards in 30 mil thicknesses. These thick cards are the same as a standard credit card, providing a premium feel and finish.

30 mil thickness for plastic business cards