Mobile SMS and QR Codes Real Estate Mississauga Toronto Brampton


Simply Text code on the sign to 5 digit number on the sign and you get an automatic text with listing details or scan the QR code with your smartphone and you will automatically be taken to mobile listing page.



Mobile SMS Codes for real estate Mississauga Toronto Brampton Textable Listing Information

– Each information request receives 2 instant text messages.
– It is free for the client to text for information.
– All users will also get a link directing them to mobile ready video/virtual tour.



QR Codes for real estate Mississauga Toronto Brampton QR codes

In this day of technology, you can add even more to your buyers finger tips. The QR buzz is everywhere. Seamlessly adding QR codes as another way for buyers to get information about your property will not only satisfy buyers but also your sellers.





sms qr code lead tracking for Real Estate Mississauga Toronto Brampton

Lead Tracking

You will receive the cell number of every buyer that texts one of your properties. When they text a standard text code or a custom keyword, you will get their phone number. You can either call them back or text them back, its totally up to you. Its also a great stat to pass onto your sellers. How many inquiries will you receive? It all depends on how visible your sign is and how many people drive or walk by your signs. it also depends on how much you use your codes in other advertising outside your for sale signs. The more you have your codes out there the more buyer texts you will receive.




Mississauga Mobile Text message QR Codes Toronto Brampton Eco-Friendly

No more print sheet info boxes! Save money, time and a tree! Street Text is also great for those hard to get to locations, where an info box is just not feasible. There you go, you get to save the environment, make your life easier and look good doing it.